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Dog Rawhide Bones Chews Treats


rawhide boneDon't know if your dog's like ours, but he just loves to gnaw on dog rawhide bones chews and treats. Add some flavor to your dog's life that will drive them wild. These thick, high-quality meaty rawhide chews are soaked in flavor juices and best of all they won't stain your carpet. Beefhide bones are from US corn-fed cows. You'll find many kinds of rawhide bones chews and treats here!

Dogs are genetically predisposed to chewing. The same instincts that make dogs great retrievers also make them want to expend their energy chewing. Chewing is a normal and healthy behavior that should be encouraged and directed in appropriate ways.


Not only do chew toys allow dogs to use their natural instincts, but chewing helps to exercise their jaws, get rid of excess energy, and can help clean their teeth. Most dogs love rawhides bones.

hoolie the chihuahua with bone

I think Hoolie's bit off a bit more than he can chew...don't you!

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