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The Yorkshire Terrier competes alongside the Chihuahua for the title of the world?s tiniest dog. He has a really tiny compact body and a long silklike coat. Although developed from terrier bloodlines, this intelligent tiny breed is less active and tough than his larger terrier cousins. He is healthy, brave, and a good watchdog. He is devoted to his owner, initially shy with strangers, and prefers not to be petted by those he does not know.

He needs consistent and patient training along with early socialization to prevent a inclination toward timidity. This type has been described as a big dog inhabiting a small dog?s body. He can be a barker, a very difficult toy dog to housebreak, and is inclined to dig if left alone in a yard. This dog is susceptible to extremes of temperatures and may need a sweater on cold days.

Size: The Yorkshire Terrier stands between 7-9in at the shoulder and weighs between 4-7lb.

History and origin: The Yorkshire Terrier was developed in England and Scotland in the 19th century and was used by working people as a ratter. His appearance is very similar to the Australian (or Sydney) Silky Terrier and is purported to have been evolved through the crossing of the Skye Terrier with the old Black and Tan Terrier. It has also been rumored that the Maltese Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier may also have contributed to producing this tiny breed.

Feeding: Just like other toy breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier requires 4 meals during puppy hood, which is reduced to 1 meal once he turns 1 year old. Recommended feeding is ? can of high quality dog food or the meat equivalent (about 7-8oz) lightly cooked and supplemented with biscuits. Lean meat scraps and bones are also appreciated, but no chicken bones.

Exercise: An apartment is adequate for this breed that only needs minimal exercise to remain healthy and joyful.

Health care: The Yorkshire Terrier has strong terrier-type teeth that have to be scaled by a vet at routine intervals. This breed tends to lose his teeth at an early age, at times as early as 3 years of age. Refrain from feeding him tidbits to protect his teeth for as long as possible.

Grooming: The Yorkie has a long, silky shedding coat that mats easily and must be brushed and combed daily. He needs an infrequent trim and can be kept in a shorter pet clip for a lower maintenance.

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