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The Toy Manchester Terrier (also known as the English Toy Terrier in the (United
Kingdom) has a tiny but not frail muscular body with upright ears and a short,
shiny shedding coat.

This type has a comparable behavioral profile as the Standard Manchester
Terrier, with some slight differences. He is a captivating, intelligent,
highly-strung, really busy little game dog that is faithful, and truly

The Toy Manchester Terrier is more or less healthy, simple to keep clean,
odorless and the bitch is an easy whelper if you decide to breed. although he is
really loving with his owners, he tends to be a one-person dog and is deeply
wary of strangers. Because of his terrier instinct, this type may display
aggression toward other dogs and will possess a large prey drive toward little
animals, which makes him good at getting rid of vermin.

He is a brilliant watchdog, even though it may yap and dig endlessly if left
in a yard for too long. Similar to lots of toy breeds, this dog requires correct
handling and socialization to grow his customary astounding personality. He may
turn out aggressive and highly-strung if spoiled or poorly handled.

He is harder to housebreak than the Standard Manchester Terrier and is also
more susceptible to extremes in temperature. He will treasure a sweater on cold

Size: The Toy Manchester Terrier stands 8-13in at the shoulder and weighs
between 7 and12lb.

History and origin: The Toy Manchester Terrier was developed in 18th and
19th century England and is a tinier variety of the Manchester Terrier. This
type was used as a ratter and descended from the old Black and Tan Rough-haired
Terrier while their athletic body came from the Italian Greyhound and the

He began in England under the name Toy Manchester Terrier and was later known
with a number of names such as Toy Black and Tan, and Miniature Black and Tan.
He was finally recognized as the English Toy Terrier by the British Kennel Club
in 1962.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for the Toy Manchester Terrier would be a
third to a half can (13.3oz size) of high quality meat stock with added biscuit
in the same quantity or one to one half cups of a complete dry food. Sometimes
replace lightly cooked minced beef mixed with biscuit. Lean meat scraps makes
for a lovely treat.

Exercise: The Toy Manchester Terrier adapts adequately to apartment
living as long as he is walked many times a day.

Grooming: This breed has a short, glossy, shedding coat that requires
daily brushing. His coat can be massaged to maintain his shiny look. You may
also add a teaspoon of cod liver oil in his foodstuffs once a week.

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