Smooth Fox Terrier Dog Breed

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The Smooth Fox Terrier has a powerful, athletic body. Many agree that he is the
smartest of the terrier breeds, second to none in killing vermin and bolting
fox. He is an alert, clever, comical, energetic, and individualistic breed. The
Smooth Fox Terrier is a supreme working dog and makes an intelligent pet.

He is a strong sparkling little dog Having a lot of vitality and character,
capable to fit into any lifestyle if given an even-handed opportunity. He is
effortlessly trainable. Because of his terrier predisposition, this dog loves to
yap. Digging is also a natural talent which needs to be accommodated.

He has a disposition to be feisty and stubborn at times. The Smooth Fox
Terrier has a greater than normal prey urge for a terrier and may be really
hostile toward other dogs. He is wary of strangers and does not rapidly warm up
to them. This sort may not be forbearing of small children. He can be quickly
distracted, and it is often hard to focus his attention, especially when other
animals are around.

Training should begin early and be steady and firm. 'Down' and 'Come'
commands are usually hard to teach this pigheaded, willful kind. Socialization
is critical as soon as possible. You want to start introducing him to people and
dogs from puppy hood.

Spoiling may create an aggressive, dominant dog that practices biting to get
his way. Unlike other terriers, the Smooth Fox Terrier loves to fetch. Use this
approach to get his notice as well as  useful exercise.

Size: The Smooth Fox Terrier stands 14-15 ? in at the shoulder and weighs
between 15 and 20lb.

History and origin: This breed was used in England in the 18th century as
a bolter of fox and as a ratter. It is understood that a variety of breeds such
as Greyhound, Beagle, Wire Fox, and Bull Terrier were used in the evolving of
the Smooth Fox. The breed made it's first appearance in the show ring in 1862 at
the Birmingham, England National Dog Show.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for this breed would be half to one can of
high quality meat stock (13.3oz size) with biscuit added in the same amount or
one and a half cupfuls of a complete dry food.

Exercise: The ideal abode for this tremendously active breed is a house
containing a fenced yard, though an apartment is adequate as long as he is
Having his daily exercise. Many walks a day is essential for this type as well
as infrequent runs.

Grooming: This breed has a smooth, short, and shedding coat that calls
for daily brushing using a stiff brush. Trimming is called for a few weeks
before a show, paying specific heed to the inside and outside of ears, jaw, and

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