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How To Evaluate Your Dog's Food

 Evaluating a dog food is a simple and straight-forward procedure of comparing certain characteristics of one food with those of other types of foods that are available to feed your dog. 

Regardless of whatever procedure you learn and use in order to effectively evaluate your dog's needs should have enough built-in flexibility that innovative dog feeders can adapt it to best fit your own situation and further reduce their margin of error.


When making an evaluation, the four characteristics of a satisfactory dog food, discussed below, should be used as the minimum standards that any food must meet. These four basic standards are:

1) A food should contain sufficient energy for daily activity.

2) A food should contain adequate nutrients, in proper relationship to each other.

3) A food should contain ingredients that are usable by a dog.

4) A food should be acceptable in a sufficient quantity to fully supply items 1 and items 2 above.


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