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Inspecting Your Dog's Semi-Moist Food Packaging

You owe it to your dog to thoroughly inspect and check the dog food that you buy for him.  If you are purchasing semi-moist dog foods that come wrapped in cellophane then be sure to follow the simple guidelines below.

The cellophane should be soft and pliable, and it should not be off color.  Pillow-pouched bags should contain a small amount of air that does not escape under moderate pressure. 

A careful inspection should also be made through the unopened wrapper for any dull or furry, gray or black spots; or for any shiny or moist, whitish or yellowish spots. The first is mold growth, the second bacteria.

Soft-moist foods are not subjected to high heat and many species of both mold and bacteria remain viable in soft-moist foods.  A little water is all either needs to get started, and away they go, held in check only by the inhibitors within the soft-moist food. 

Once the visual inspection of the wrappers and wrapped surface of the food has been made, tear open the cellophane.  Observe all odors at the time of opening the wrapper.  Pick up a piece of the food and squeeze it.  Regardless of the type, it should be soft, spongy, and tender.  It should have a slight lubricated feel, but should not feel moist on the surface.

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